Syska Hennessy – Spring 2020


A few words from Gary and Cyrus

When our team first began working on this issue of Connections, we were early into the new decade. At that point, we were envisioning a theme of renewal.

Sweet Home Chicago

Adaptive-reuse projects tend to elicit feelings of excitement from some engineers and trepidation from others.

The Empire State Building

Engineering a New Visitor Experience.

Employee Corner

Blazing a Trail for Women and Minorities in Engineering.

New Developments in Decarbonization

In our last issue of Connections, we talked about energy-efficiency, NetZero, and the Living Building Challenge.


Syska’s SENSE (Syska Employee Network of Support and Education) program is a critical component of our corporate culture.

Extra, Extra

People say that beauty is only skin-deep; it’s what’s on the inside that counts. We agree completely. After all, most of the work we do is imperceptible to everyday observers.

Banking on Collaboration

Multi-Office, Multi-Practice Team Designs Systems For JPMorgan Chase Campus in Plano.

A Big Triumph for The Big Easy

New Terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Adapting Residential Space for Coronavirus Care – Stat!

Find out about the conversion of residential space for nurses into ICU wings at North Central Bronx Hospital.

Syska Snippets

A roundup of all the Syska news you might have missed.

Syska’s Response to COVID-19

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Syska Hennessy Group is a leading global, full service MEP firm with specialist services for information and communication technology, commissioning, architectural lighting design, vertical transportation and sustainability. With more than 500 professionals across 18 offices, we provide a full range of engineering services for projects of every size and every budget. Since 1928, we have been designing smarter, safer and more efficient buildings by integrating essential system that adopt to our changing world.

Editor Michelle Galindez Russo

Lead Writer/Copy Editor Rachel Antman, Saygency

Creative Direction and Development Supreme Creative Ltd

Communications Editor Jonathan Forman

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Ari Burling Photography, Palomar Community College Operation and Maintenance Facility-Javier Laos, UCSB Bioengineering-Moore Ruble Yudell, Katherine Marks Photography, Dave Miller- Dementi Photography, Syska Hennessy.

Contributors Gary Brennen, Cyrus Izzo, Alexis Xun Xia, Tim Tyrell, Michelle Baratta, Thomas Webb, Joseph O’Sullivan, Tim Krawetz, Danielle Ford, Brandon Smith, Wayne Safarlie, Leigh Ann Vogel, Wil Leong, Jim Regan, Michael Terrigno, Bob Stickney, Anthony Jamsek, Sergiu Pelau, Olga Rodas, Kristopher Baker, Robert Bolin, Abbye Lakin, Daniel P. Scheuerman, John McGauvran, Fred H. Williams, SENSE, SHAPE, Saygency, and the Marketing Development Agency.

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